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  • Karl Pawlewicz

Q&A Conversation with Stephanie Stuckey, Chair, Stuckey's Corporation

In the run-up to the inaugural Reunion expo in Las Vegas, we took time from our busy schedule to chat with Stephanie Stuckey, Chair of Stuckey's, which was no small feat because her schedule is BUSY.

An American tradition since 1937, Stuckey’s is a true friend of the highway traveler. The company was founded by W.S. Stuckey, a Georgia businessman who started by selling pecans from his car and eventually opened his first roadside stand.

Stephanie, the granddaughter of W.S., eventually bought back the company in 2019 and is now helping grow the brand to new heights and audiences, while still maintaining its familiar image and taste.

In this conversation, Stephanie gives a bit of the history of the company and how she helped bring it back to her family. She also goes into detail on trends she's seeing in the snacks and food product industries, who she's most excited to meet at The Reunion, and what she's most excited to experience at The Reunion, which she calls "a bit of a homecoming" for her and Las Vegas.

Make sure to say 'Hi!' to Stephanie when you see her walking around The Reunion.

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