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What Products Will I Find at The Reunion Souvenir, Gift, and Resort Show?

We're 120 Days away from the inaugural Reunion Souvenir, Gift, and Resort Show in beautiful Las Vegas, and we're getting a lot of questions about what kind of products will be on display. So over the coming days and weeks we'll create a running list of some of the unique items you can expect to find.

From Made in the U.S.A. to exquisite imports - from eco-friendly to eco...not...friendly? Rest assured we'll have something for everyone. Read on more to get a quick look at some of the products and companies that will be onsite at The Mirage Hotel & Convention Center.

A winter hat, sweatshirt, and scarf from Stone Enterprises Co. that will be on display at The Reunion Souvenir, Gift and Resort Show.

Stone Enterprises

Get your custom gear game right with hats, apparel and even scarves from the massive domestic item library of Stone Enterprises Co. (SEC). Their catalog is comprised of more than 1,000 items of apparel, 400 headwear options, and 300 drinkware designs to choose from. Whatever you might be looking for, has a variety of products that fit any budget, while also offering very competitive imports.

Whether you're looking for cost effective items or top of the line, SEC has something for you. And you can find them during The Reunion to talk target price point, quality and product goals so they can custom plan a program that fits your needs. SEC looks to add value by building collections that cover a wide range of promotional products.

A funky Colorado patch in the shape of a Volkswagen Bus, which will be on display at The Reunion Expo.

Monterey Imports

All aboard the funky Colorado patch bus! Monterey Import Company deals almost exclusively in souvenirs for the wholesale tourist market. They create custom souvenirs for any special event or location, and every member of their organization pays close attention to your needs so they can provide you with a souvenir solution that meets your needs.

Monterey Imports sources products in the USA as well as abroad to make it easier for you to find the perfect match for your store. With a top-notch design team, a detail oriented in-house staff, and a huge line of stock souvenirs that they warehouse, they provide exemplary service to ensure every order is fulfilled on time and to spec.

A hot pink winter jacket from Crazy Apparel / DIMCO that buyers can see at The Reunion Souvenir, Gift and Apparel Show.

Crazy Apparel

Give your customers color options that will help them stand out! Crazy Apparel will have a huge line of sportswear, sweatshirt, polar fleece and microfiber jackets to check out during The Reunion. With an experience of over 20 years we are a trusted source of supplies to the retailers & corporate from all across the United States & Canada.

One of the fastest growing organizations in the San Francisco Area, Crazy Apparel caters to its buyers' needs by not only meeting expectations but exceeding them in every order they fulfill. They carry open stock on most products so you can order only what you need and not have to sit on dead stock.

A customizable, retro lunchbox for kids from Mai Weh that can be found at The Reunion Expo in Las Vegas, April 2024.

Mei Wah

Make sure your store has something for the kids too, and everything old is new again, like retro lunchboxes from Mei Wah Company. Mei Wah is a family owned, minority business that specializes in manufacturing custom jewelry, fashion jewelry, and custom logo accessories. They are well known for clever new designs and a variety of products that showcase the latest trends.

In addition to jewelry, Mei Wah also develops custom logo souvenirs (hard line) for the theme park and tourist industry and is an authorized vendor for Disney Theme Parks. They also own the licensee jewelry rights forMars, Inc (M&M Candy) and the Smithsonian Museum.

Stay tuned for more product updates!

As always, The Reunion is free to attend. To register to attend The Reunion, simply go to:

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