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What Products Will I Find at The Reunion Souvenir, Gift, and Resort Show? (Part 2)

As the list of exhibitors is being finalized for the inaugural Reunion Souvenir, Gift, and Resort Show we're working hard to bring a wide range of gifts, apparel and souvenirs that buyers will find useful in 2024. From standout, flagship products, to niche pieces that can help fill gaps in a product line, there will be plenty of options to browse and choose from.

We're getting excited about the lineup that's coming together, and we're taking time from our prep work to profile some of the products you'll find at The Reunion. As you might remember, we've already covered some products in Part 1 of this series.

In this installment, we feature some unique customized and sustainable products that will be featured amongst the exhibitors coming to The Mirage Hotel & Convention Center in Apri.



Featured here are 60mm etched-glass globes on wood base from 29Tonight a souvenir and promotional product company providing services that fit the needs of any buyer. They provide name drop programs for tourist attractions such as Zoos, Aquariums, National Parks, Museums, Theme Parks and Resort Shops. These globes come in 89 different designs with seven rotating light colors, all powered through a USB cord.

Your Name Candles

With over 26 years of experience, Your Name Candles is a leading provider of branded products, including a wide range of fragrances and packaging options. Featuring the highest quality of production with the lowest quantity requirements in the industry. You’re The Brand, So Be The Brand!


Tangico manufactures award-winning gifts, souvenirs and promotional products in Pontiac, Michigan. “We design tangible products to express intangible feelings," says co-owner, Sue Kinch. In addition to its customized wine stoppers featured here, Tangico also produces wall-mounted bottle openers, key holders, coasters, cutting boards, and more.⁠

Art Studio Company

Art Studio Company travels the world bringing you socially conscious hand crafted goods. Their focus is on the highest quality, earth friendly materials and workmanship. All of the hand made accessories they carry are made in small villages and benefit the local people of these communities. Their US-based design team focuses on the highest quality earth friendly materials and workmanship.

Stay tuned for more product updates!

As always, The Reunion is free to attend. To register to attend The Reunion, simply go to: 

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